Karen Heald & Susan Liggett (2015) Paper Interior. In: Halliwell, L. & Thorne, J. eds. SLIPPAGE: The Unstable Nature of Difference.

Exhibition catalogue, Contemporary Art Space Chester (CASC), University of Chester (6th–27th March, 2015).

Book description

This publication brings together documentation of the artists exhibiting in SLIPPAGE: The Unstable Nature of Difference and places them in the context by way of a curatorial essay by Lesley Halliwell and Jo Thorne and a commissioned essay by Alexa Wright.

The group exhibition, SLIPPAGE: The Unstable Nature of Difference, explored the experience of difference and how it might engender new ways of seeing and thinking about each other. It recognised the uncertain boundaries of physical and psychological identity and how the notion of 'difference' is in itself problematic. It questioned how we define and decide what difference is.

The exhibition actively sought to provide a diverse and fuller range of human embodiments which invited the viewer to move outside of any preconceptions about what life, characterised by 'difference', might be like.