Trywydd . Voyage, duration 24' 57", Bird-Jones & Heald (2015).

Trywydd . Voyage (2014-2016) was an international art project by myself and Chris Bird-Jones. Chris is an artist and educator working primarily in glass. As a visual artist and researcher my praxis is in the media of video, installation and performance. Collectively we are known as Bird-Jones & Heald and are based in Wales, UK.

In the summer of 2014, Bird-Jones & Heald, filmed material inspired by collectively viewing significant architectural glass sites, artists' studios and museums throughout France during the 2014 Women's International Glass Workshop (WIGN). We captured visual details, including figures silhouetted against illuminated backdrops, hand gestures, composite interiors, changing landscapes and emerging patterns.

Part of this body of research focused on the Welsh artists taking part: Chris Bird-Jones, Amber Hiscott, Catrin Jones and myself. Trywydd . Voyage explored the intimacy, quality, nuances, details, sensitivity and beauty of the Welsh centric aspect of this journey.

Trywydd . Voyage premiered at the Mission Gallery, Swansea, (2015) and was later screened at Oriel Sycharth, Wrexham (2016) and Jean Mauret Gallery, France (2016).

The project was kindly supported by Arts Council Wales and Wales Arts International.

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