Throughout my practice the relationship between art history, video and painting has always been present. This is especially significant in the FRIDAm Series, an ongoing collaborative project with artist Sally Turner researching the life of Frida Kahlo.

FRIDAm travels to Ibiza, Karen Heald & Sally Turner, (2013-2017).

The title of FRIDAm was chosen as a play on the words 'freedom' and 'Frida', Kahlo's first name. Working in our capacity as filmmaker and performer, Sally and I decided that the FRIDAm Series would be a lifelong project. Our focus was on the legacy of Frida Kahlo: her politics, approach to women's equality, overcoming a disability and establishing herself as a painter. Together, we are exploring the concept of how Frida might react and respond to today's art world in an attempt to capture the essence of Frida's spirit in a contemporary environment.

Frida Travels to Ibiza, duration 5' 36", Karen Heald & Sally Turner (2017).

FRIDAm comes to the North West... Karen Heald & Sally Turner, (2003-2004).

Heald, K. & Turner, S. (2004) The Tumultuous Whisper . Leeds, Karen Heald.