The Box (2007) was a video / sculpture by Bird-Jones & Heald that proceeded Embryonic.

Chris is an artist and educator working primarily in glass. As a visual artist, filmmaker and researcher my praxis is in the media of video, installation and performance. Collectively we are known as Bird-Jones & Heald and are based in Wales, UK. 

Having identified similar concerns in our work we began collaborating in 2005. Meeting through various artists network groups we identified qualities and expressions in each others work similar to our own concerns and focuses. In January 2006 we developed Embryonic.

Embryonic, Bird-Jones & Heald (2006).

Embryonic was a development of a glass form, a receiver for the moving image, which evolved in direct response to a joint selection of a section of my film Frozen Seas. Several glass samples were produced and experimented with collaboratively in the studio. The kiln formed wall-mounted piece resulting from this collaboration.

Embryonic embodies creativity and harnessed energy. When closely examined every individual egg has an inherent character, a story to tell.

Embryonic (2006), is in the permanent collection of Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporáneo en Vidrio de Alcorcón-MAVA, Madrid, Spain.

The Box, duration 12' 02", Bird-Jones & Heald,(2007).

The Box was an immediate response to Embryonic and comprised of a responsive experimental film, which I shot in Madrid and which documented the performance of Chris’ journey through the city, with a wooden crate, from our hotel to the MAVA gallery. Constructed by Chris and I the wooden crate’s initial purpose was to protect the Embryonic glass receiver during its journey from the UK to Spain. The film was then mutually developed and presented encased within an additional box. It was exhibited as an object in September 2006 at the GIG gallery in Sydney, Australia, as a joint work.

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