In 2013 I was invited to collaborate on an artist residency by interdisciplinary artist Angela Davies, called Golau (Light). This Arts Council Wales funded project was undertaken at Ruthin Craft Centre in 2014. Themes of time and place were explored in response to the architectural framework and the geologically sculpted landscape of Chirk Castle.

Intrinsic to this residency, was the collaboration between other artists working in different disciplines, who included: Angelina Kornecka a Butoh dancer; Francesca Simmons a multi-instrumental performer, Ant Dickinson a musician, sound designer & technologist and Paula Budd a costume designer.

Golau (Light) served to generate multi-sensory and multidisciplinary responses to the memory of place, resulting in a number of site-specific installations and performative works that emulated the response to the castle and experience of the landscape.

Topiary, duration 1' 22", Karen Heald, Angela Davies & Angelina Kornecka (2014).

Vestige, duration 1' 29", Karen Heald, Angela Davies, Angelina Kornecka & Ant Dickinson (2014).

Given the parallel interests in time and place I was excited to be invited by Angela to take part in Golau (Light) and found the process of the collaboration an inspiration. Filming for two intense days in the interior and exterior spaces of Chirk Castle, I worked intuitively with Butoh dancer Angelina Kornecka. The results were emotive movements which captured the shift in light and portrayed intimate moments in time through the camera lens. The editing and presentation process reiterated the Butoh sense of meditation, minimalism and being 'in-between'.

Lateral Flight, duration 3' 22", Karen Heald, Angela Davies & Angelina Kornecka (2014).

Meander, duration 11' 11", Karen Heald, Angela Davies & Angelina Kornecka (2014).

Casement, duration 2' 39", Karen Heald, Angela Davies & Angelina Kornecka (2014).

For further information and to view Angela's sound and light installation at Chirk Castle as part of Golau (Light) please visit:!site-responsive/cj43