Breath (2014-2016) was a video installation by myself & Chris Bird-Jones. Chris is an artist and educator working primarily in glass. As a visual artist and researcher my praxis is in the media of video, installation and performance. Collectively we are known as Bird-Jones & Heald and are based in Wales, UK.

Bird-Jones & Heald were invited to take part in Collaborations as part of the International Festival of Glass, 2006, where we invited Simon Eccles to join us. Breath was the resulting creation, installed in-situ at The Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge UK. 

Breath, duration 3' 03", Bird-Jones & Heald with Simon Eccles (2006).

When the Red House Cone was operational raw materials for making glass were transported by barges on the canal. Water has always been an essential part of glass making.

In response to the specific site our collaboration created an abstract film loop with edited sound, of the process and environment of glass blowing.

Breath (installation), photograph, Bird-Jones & Heald with Simon Eccles (2006).

The resulting series of moving image was presented projected onto one of the receptacles in the site. The size and scale of the film piece and the introduction of glass cullet was created and positioned in direct response to the space.

Breath (installation), duration 1' 09", Bird-Jones & Heald with Simon Eccles (2006).

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